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If you have a lot of little jobs around your home that needs attention, then maybe our handyman Ilford can help. You may be too busy, or you may be elderly and unable to tackle them yourself. Whatever the reason, we have a local handyman who can be there to do those jobs for you. We have handymen all over the IG1 and IG2 regions so you will never be too far away from help. We can also offer an emergency handyman service for those times when you need some urgent repair to be completed. We can be your one stop for all your repair needs in your home.

Home Refurbishment Ilford IG1

We think that just because you may not have the time or the experience to renovate your home, doesn’t mean you can’t. We are based in IG1 area and have a lot of experience in home improvement and home repairs. Our Ilford handyman are able to cope with any type of home renovation no matter how big or small. If you need to refit your kitchen or you are looking to update your bathroom, we can do the job in a professional way. Wherever you are in the IG2 or surrounding areas, speak to us about your house renovation.

Office Refurbishment Ilford IG1

Is your office looking a little tired? Are you looking to give your office a bit of a makeover? If you are, then you can rely on us to do the job for you quickly and easily. We have handyman teams based all over Ilford that can come to your office and do a complete office renovation. We can discuss all the requirements that you need for your office makeover and then let us do the rest. We can also tackle with office repairs in IG1 that need completing so that you can have everything done at the same time. If you are in or around IG2 region, give us a try.

Home Maintenance and Repairs Ilford IG1

For those little jobs around the house, to more substantial repairs, there are always things to be done around the house. But there are people who can take on these types of job for you, so you can sit back and relax. We have teams all over Ilford and the surrounding IG1 areas that can manage all your household maintenance and home repairs. They are experts at fixing anything you need when you need it. We are very flexible and can carry out repairs at times to suit you. If you need maintenance services in IG2 region or beyond, then give us a call.

Property Maintenance Ilford IG1

When you are a landlord for many properties, you can get snowed under with all the jobs and repairs that need completing. What you need is a local company in Ilford that you can rely on to complete all those jobs for you. We can take on commercial property maintenance as well as home refurbishment all over IG1 area and beyond. Everything we do is to the highest standard and our handymen are friendly and professional. We can also deal with property renovation and many other types of repair. Let us take care of any property maintenance you may have in the IG2 region and further afield.

Odd Jobs Ilford IG1

Everyone has the odd job hanging around in their house that is always waiting for them to have the time to do it. Well, let one of our team in Ilford come and do it for you. In fact, we have odd job man services so you will never be far away from help. They can also help with other things such as furniture assembly and TV Wall mounting. We really do offer the best odd job IG1 services you will find in the IG2 and surrounding areas, so don’t let that job get left behind any longer.

Plumbing Ilford IG1

If you are looking for someone to help you with plumbing work in your home, then look no further than us. Our plumbers based in Ilford are fully trained and able to tackle any job from drain unblocking to leak repair. We have teams in IG1 and the surrounding IG2 area who can be flexible enough to work around your schedule, so you won’t have to miss work to wait in for us. So if you have a boiler that is broken, or a radiator that needs to be replaced, let us know and we will get the job done for you.

Electricians Ilford IG1

Just like plumbing and other specialised jobs, when you need work to be done on the electrics in your house, you want someone fully trained. We have fully trained electrician services based all over IG1 areas that can take on any electrical work. All the work we undertake is done to a very high standard so that you can trust us to take care of all your handyman jobs. We also offer Ilford emergency electrician services for those times when you need us urgently. If you live in IG2 or areas around there, we can help you out.

Painting and Decorating Ilford IG1

Does your home need a new coat of paint? Have you been putting it off because you don’t have the time? We have the time and flexibility to take on all your painting and decorating requirements. We have the experts on hand to help you. Our Ilford handyman IG1 can handle interior and exterior painting as well as plastering and many other jobs. We can give you a great quote, all you need is to let us know where in the IG2 or surrounding areas you live and we can be there.

Carpentry Services Ilford IG1

Many people who have tried laminate floor fitting themselves will tell you that it is not easy. In fact it is very difficult to get it right. If you are faced with this task or other carpentry jobs, why not let our carpenters in Ilford do the hard work for you. We have local carpenters all over the IG1 and surrounding IG2 areas that are fully trained and experienced. There is no job too big or small for us, we can replace doors and fit kitchens as well as many other tasks. We are the friendly, flexible handyman team who can do all your odd jobs.

Furniture Assembly Ilford IG1

Putting furniture together is never an easy experience, as anyone who has tried it will tell you. But you don’t have to struggle on alone, because we can help you make some sense of it all. We have expert furniture assemblers in Ilford, IG2 who can complete your flat-pack assembly quickly and easily for you. Wherever you are in IG1, we can come and help with many furniture assembly tasks. We can also conduct furniture repairs on existing pieces as well. Don’t tussle with those assembly instructions alone, let us work it all out for you.

Tiling, Grouting and Re-sealing Ilford IG1

If you have recently finished restyling your bathroom or your kitchen, you may be looking at tiling the walls and floors to finish off the look. If you are looking for a professional team who can offer great deals on tiling services, then we are the ones to call. We can cover all over the IG1 area and are able to do everything from bathroom tiling to floor tiling. We are flexible enough to be able to call at the best time for you and your schedule. With handyman Ilford services like that, you will be happy that you called.

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Positive feedback

My darling husband thinks he can do home repairs, but he usually makes it worse. This handyman service is affordable and gets the job done quickly.    
Rae L.
I have no problems with the handyman service. Handyman Services Ilford excelled and impressed.    
Jeff M.
I hired Handyman Services Ilford when I had to find the best way to deal with the issues with my bathroom flooring. First of all, this company had the cheapest tiling, grouting and re-sealing services in the region. Second, they offered me a huge discount because I hired their handymen for the third time. Third, they finished the entire work in my giant bathroom in less than a day. Fourth, the handymen had all the tools required, so no need for money spent on tools. Fifth, there was no risk of making a bigger mess that would cost me more. Great service overall!    
Natalie Jenkins
Handyman Ilford helped me when I needed help with some odd jobs at my house. There were several things bugging me since I moved here, but I didn't know what to do about them. They sent a handyman as soon as I called; he checked everything out and then found a solution to every problem. I am so happy with the work done - the price was just right and the service was magnificent. Thank you!    
Stella M.
I have never needed decorating services before, as I've always managed it myself. As I've been getting older though, I've not been able to manage it as easily. When doing up my house this time, I wanted to get a little help. I hired a handyman from Handyman Ilford to just help me out a bit. This is what he did but he was much better than I expected. He really knew his stuff and had the equipment we needed. With his help things went smoothly and the job was done in no time. If you want some help with your home then I suggest you call this firm now.    
Liam Peterson
I'm thrilled with the painting and decorating done to my home by the experts at HandymanIlford. In choosing them I received a very impressive and thorough service. Every part of my home was painted to my specifications and nothing left me disappointed or let down. Try this service - you won't regret it!    
Charlie T.
HandymanIlford left me amazed after I hired them for some plumbing installations, I couldn't believe how quickly they had things installed. I thought this may mean the quality was compromised but everything works perfectly. I didn't think plumbing could be this simple, but they did it.    
I hired Handyman Company Ilford to handle a home improvement project for me in my house. I had new windows, bathroom and kitchen all installed by this company and was really pleased with the outcome. I had help with buying some of the materials from the handyman which was very convenient, as sizes can be hard to work out. The work took a couple of weeks, as I also had finishing jobs such as painting done. But, it all looked wonderful when they had finished.    
Dan Baldwin
If you live locally and are looking for a great handyman service I would recommend Ilford Handyman Home Maintenance . They have qualified electricians and plumbers and their handymen can do everything there is to do around the home. Great prices too.     
Taylor F.

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